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If you've ever dreamed of being like the Star Trek generation - you know - going where no man has gone before then I'd like to invite you to be part of U.S. 360MEN.

If you'd like to help other U.S. men not step on things that you've stepped on, or not experience the disasters that you've experienced, or if you'd like to tell some of those stories and finds a measure of significance across U.S. because of that contribution, contact me.

If you're not... how do I put this? If you don't feel ashamed of being a male, or if you don't feel that you want to withdraw from the U.S. conversation and just let things work out socially, contact me.

Helping Underdogs Overcome

Watch the U.S. invitationIf you'd like to be a part of helping half of the men in U.S. and across the United States that are locked up (emotionally) and stuck (physically) to find themselves - to understand who they are - to be on a personal expedition of self-awareness, then I'd like you to be part of the conversation with us.

I'm at Canyon Lake, Texas on part of a road trip around the country. I have software that I've developed over the last 20 years that is both a public syndicator (very large private network like a digital franchise) and a very private tribe-builder like Quora or Stack Overflow or CodePlex. It facilitates a group of U.S. men to contribute to a story - to battle back and forth with the best ideas - and for all of that to be voted on, raising the best answer to the top.

The very best of the contributions and the contributors can be recognized across U.S. and syndicated nationally. It is a bunch of stuff - and we'll have conversations about that and lessons about all the pieces later.

You're Invited to that Conversation

I'd like you to be a part of 360MEN if you feel there's something inside of you to share and if you want other men to learn from.

Like a Chevron of Geese.

I'm a little bit in front (for now) with the rest of the guys honking instructions to me - left, left, right, right, right - helping me guide this until we can swap that peloton around a little bit - getting each of the 'metro' leaders to step forward.

I know I'm saying a lot, but I'm groping for what is the best solution as we go into an era of rapidly accelerating change. This is a period for Humanity that is unprecedented. We as men and technicians and scientists and politicians and leaders will all determine what happens to our species - literally as we face increasing change over the next 30 years - like a singularity, and a trans-human transformation.

I know that's a lot to wrap your head around but if you want to connect and travel with other men through those things I've talked about - if you care deeply about transferring knowledge, passing on wisdom, helping guys not experience some of the hardship you've been through, then I invite you to subscribe - to be a part of us and be a part of the conversation, and help us chart that way forward that we need as we move further into the future that's rapidly coming on us all.

All right, contact me.

Ignore what a man desires and you ignore the very source of his power.



Reuniting Migrant Families with DNA Testing U.S.

Reuniting Migrant Families with DNA Testing U.S.
​U.S., reuniting migrant families through the help of DNA testing helps combat fraud from terrible child renting where children are separated from their families before getting to the US border....

Example of the Gospel At Work in U.S.

Example of the Gospel At Work in U.S.
What you practice at home is reflected at work in U.S.! You can set and example by talking about you family’s reliance on Christ in the workplace. You are not preaching. You are showing. We often believe our work in U.S. to be separated from our home but...

Whats NOT in Google's U.S. Data?

Whats NOT in Google's U.S. Data?
Google indexes 1 in 3,000 web pages (surface web) verses (deep web) non-indexed pages. Google's index represents only an estimated 4 percent of the information that it is aware of across U.S. and on the public Internet and from U.S. small businesses. Thi...